Unbelievable! KhaligraphJones Makes A MajorSurprise To Octopizzo

Octopizzo _ presidential
These are probably the top most rappers
the Kenyan hip hop fraternity has ever
seen before. Octopizzo and Khaligraph
Jones simply don’t need any
introduction.The two have however been
rumoured to have been having a
beef.Octopizzo,the “Something For You’
hit maker however has been denying
allegations of a beef with Khalli.Time
and again Octopizzo has come clearly
and insisted he is cool with Khalighraph
Jones and could actually work with
him.Papa Jones,on the other hand,has
also insisted that him and Octo are
cool.This has left lots of hanging
questions among the fans as the two
rarely talk nor hang out.
But shockingly,as fans put it,Khaligraph
did attend Octopizzo’s event!
Khaligraph did appear at an Octopizzo
event dubbed #Octoppizo8thAniversary
to celebrate 8 years since he started his
music journey held at the British
Council  yesterday.This has left the fans
very excited and the two could actually
make things much more interesting by
doing a thing together. Its at the same
event Octo launched officially his new
video Prezidential .
Khaligraph Jones recently has been a
talk of the town with his mega hit song
“Yego” that has topped charts for
weeks.A collabo between these two guys
would just be something out of this
world.Lets wait and see what they have
to offer to the East Africans!!

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