Bora Uhai – NellyTheGoon x Dmore Mp3


Bora Uhai – NellyTheGoon x Dmore Mp3 download new song Nelly the goon ft dmore BORA UHAI new music song.
BORA UHAI‘ is a famous kenyan slang that basically
means nothing is greater than life. We all have work to
do, we all want the good things in life. We should not
destroy who we are to get to the desires that we have
because the most important aspect is the LIFE(uhai)
that we live. The song combined with the dance style
brings a sweet rhythmic flow ! a big one of the Kenyan
music and dance scene.
The song is perfomed by NellyTheGoon , Dmore and
the crackers dance crew
Audio mixed and mastered by Ashy akatsa
Video shot by Hulk Omondi
Edited by Ashy Akatsa
directed by Nellythegoon.

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