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“Usifadhaike” means “do not worry.” The song is taken
from Matthew 6:25-34 where Jesus asks His followers
to remember the birds of the air and the flowers of
the field as examples of how God takes care of the
entire creation and says that human beings are more
important than these.
Verse 1:
Do not worry about what you will eat or drink or what
you will wear because your heavenly father is taking
care of all these needs. He says you are more
precious than the birds and flowers.
Verse 2:
Do not worry believer. You have temptation and trial
from every side. You have been despised and talked
about and your faith is going down. God says He knows
that you have little strength but are still standing, and
again that he is with you until the end, so do not worry.
Verse 3:
Do not worry widow. The one you lived with has
passed on and your children are now orphaned, and
friends have disappeared. God says He hears the voice
of the widow who calls on Him and is the father of the
orphaned, so do not worry.
Verse 4:
Do not worry my brother. You have no house rent and
no job, and your children have been sent away from
school for lack of fees. God says you are important
above other things and that you are engraved on the
palm of His hand, so do not worry.
He has the count of your hair. If you worry, you’ll lose
weight. He knows about tomorrow. Do not worry mum.
Do not worry little child. These are His promises.
The song was written in April 2016 as the title track of
a project for the edification of the body of Christ which
features one other great song,
Copyright, Reuben Kigame, Kigame media, March 2018.

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