Zhavia – Deep Down Mp3 Download


New song Zhavia – Deep Down Mp3 Download.

Keep my blessing and my prayers in my back
pocket tucked Cuz I know everything we receive
ain’t luck Tryna make a name for myself maybe
stack a couple million on a house in the hills Yeh
the sun will come up but I I I Will standing my
grounds help me fly Cuz gravity just wants to be
defied Cuz gravity justs wants to be defied
I don’t even know how I feel lately
I don’t even know what’s real lately
Something deep down
Something deep down
Telling me listen to your gut
Your instincts you
should always trust
Calling you to run run to and not from
When they think they won won let em know what’s
to come Cuz this time around ima listen to that
Something deep down.

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