H_ART THE BAND – THiNK 2 ( Letter 2 the Common MwanancHi )


🛃They call it exercising Your Right as a Citizen 🙈They even
go further to say that For a Better future you have to do this 🙈
is this true??? we can’t tell 😶 At the front of the Line, they
hand you a paper with different faces / different choices 📝At
a second gLance it almost feels as if you are choosing the
Lesser eviL😱 We have nothing against Politics as it is, But
how comes it feels as if we are zero grazing as a Nation 😥
Same promises made 5years ago ,are still the ones being made
now😶 Our Kids need to grow up knowing their future is safe
and secure 😎 We need to be certain that, if your kid goes to
school then the system ensures they don’t tamarc for so Long or
at all after that🚶Voting is everyone’s Right and Responsibility
,no doubt ☑ But, we would like everyone to understand that we
can’t depend fully on our Leaders to effect the change they
promised – Sad Tho’TruE 😥 it’s upto us to be the change and
to hold them responsible for their actions 😮Lets not be
swayed by cheap politics😵Think about your Family, your Kids
_& do the right thing .Whatever feels right to you✍Be Peaceful
aLwayS ✌

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