Exray Ft Kamene, Timmy Tdat, Magix Enga, Xtian Dela, Jua Cali, Kibe, Kristoff & Harry Craze – NYOKA YA SHABA

nyoka ya shaba
nyoka ya shaba

New song download Exray Ft Kamene, Timmy Tdat,
Magix Enga, Xtian Dela, Jua
Cali, Kibe, Kristoff & Harry
Craze – NYOKA YA SHABA mp3.

About Nyoka Ya Shaba:

2019 was an amazing year for local music. It went down in
history as the year Kenyan music was finally appreciated by
Kenyans. Kenyans came together and started the campaign

PlayKEMusic which saw different key players in the music

industry work together to promote local music.

In a bid to keep the fire burning; Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe and
I sat down and came up with the idea of bringing together the
hottest Kenyan artists on one banging jam that will further
promote Kenyan music.
We approached the Beat King,

Magix Enga who believed in the
project and gave us more ideas on the song. We drafted a list of
artists who we wanted to work with on this project and started
making calls. We got six of the hottest artist in Kenya to believe
in us and believe in the project. I gotta say, not everyone we
approached bought the idea. Some even promised to come
through but stood us up on the recording day.
The recording day was magical. Seeing the Beat King; Magix
Enga in his zone creating the beat from scratch and all these
artists just creating this song from the ground up..Wow!!..The
feeling is unexplainable.

Exray is a BEAST! I gotta say, I don’t think Kenya is ready for
him. Such a talented and humble guy. Creativity just oozes out of
him. He blends well with everyone and his mind is on a whole
new level.

Magix enga…He is called the beat King for a reason. He came
up with the track in less than an hour. Wrote his lines in less
than 10 minutes and the whole song was done by the time we
were going home. Salute to the KING!!
Timmy Tdat..After Exray put his hook, Timmy dropped his verse
in like 5 minutes. I think Timmy was the second one to finish
recording. Tdat is another beast. His personality and vibe were
just perfect for this song. I personally called Tdat pitching the
project to him and he jumped on it so fast and gave me some
crazy ideas that made the song what it is.

Jua Cali..The OG! Stepped in the room the aura changed. He is a
legend in the industry and the only artists who has successfully
transition from old school Kenyan music to the new school and
still remains relevant. It’s extremely hard being as big as he is
and still remaining relevant all through the years. That I honestly
give it to him. Brought on board a wealth of wisdom, knowledge
and guidance. Big shout out bro.

Kristoff..Haha! This guy…”Mmmmmmmmmmm…Niaje
Kamene!!”..I bet all of you will forever remember that part. I have
never worked with someone as good as Kristoff who always
knows how to blend seamlessly with whatever you throw at him.
Kristoff was last to record. You can imagine coming to record
after all these giants have dropped such heavy lines. But he
came through and delivered like the beast he is.
Harry Craze..I honestly think Kenya is going to know and
appreciate Harry Craze more this year. He is the guy who brought
you that TRM Fuck Boy song. Watu wa kuvaa Vans na fake
This guy is just on a whole new level. Shout out to his amazing
crew Rico Gang.

These guys!!
@VJOne..We wanted a video producer who could understand us.
Understand the vision and what we really wanted to achieve. It
was my first time working with @VJOne. Yani this guy!!..Who
thinks about a Mayai Pasua scene in such a shoot and make it
work?!..This guy is Crazy…Crazy…Crazy.. Crazy creative!! No
one could have killed it on the visuals more than @VJOne!

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