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New Evelyn Wanjiru – Its Amazing
It’s Amazing to worship you Jesus (x2)
For you have created me to worship you alone
Father I love you
I will worship you in spirit and in truth Halleluya
It is amazing
I love to be in your presence
When I wake up in the morning I will sing of your praise
Lord I will raise an altar of worship
I will declare I will proclaim that you are the Lord
Let all the worshipers raise their voices and say you
are an amazing Father
It is amazing ….
Oh It is amazing
It is amazing
Come let us worship and bow down before our Lord
and maker for He is the Lord our God and we are the
people of His pastures and the sheep of His hand for
the Lord inhabits in the praises of His people worship
Him give Him all glory and all the honour
Come on somebody raise your voice and say it is
amazing It is amazing
How I love to be in your presence my beautifier
It is amazing amazing amazing…ooo…ohh
You are the lover of my life
My soul thirst for you…
Oooh baba…


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